Lobby Bar

Lobby Bar offers a wide range of alcohols and non-alcoholic beverages. Our bartenders can surprise you with excellent compositions and tell you about secrets of particular noble beverages.

For the youngest Guests, we have prepared a list of colourful “baby drinks.”

Intensive lifestyle requires us to take care of our health. In April, we have introduced an offer of tasty and healthy FIT cocktails – a combination of spinach and kale with fruits provides energy and supplements daily need for vitamins. While cocktails made of avocado or banana, due to their nutritional qualities, may be treated as snacks between standard meals.


Lobby Bar in open from 12 am until 11 pm

Walentynki w Villa Hoff

 Menu kolacji romantycznej dostępne od 14 do 17.02

walentynki nad morzem

Przy zamówieniu kolacji wino domu w cenie specjalnej 49 zł/0,75 l

Rezerwacje stolików pod nr tel. +48 91 387 55 00

Cena za kolację 90 zł/osobę.