What makes us special

See what makes Villa Hoff special in the eyes of our Guests. We have gathered the most frequent opinions which will allow you to know us better.

Villa Hoff – more than just a SPA…

Intimacy and exceptional atmosphere

Among the greatest advantages of Villa Hoff, mentioned by its Guests, are its intimacy and exceptional atmosphere. Perfectly organised space, which makes it cosy and contributes to unique atmosphere. In the opinion of our Guests, positive energy, smiling and friendly personnel and beautiful interiors are the quintessence of Villa Hoff.

Each detail is carefully refined to make memories of every visit here stay with you for a long time.

Exceptional location

Villa Hoff is located only 100 m from a beach. Location in a vicinity of a promenade, away from a noisy road, allows for a true leisure. Only few steps further, there is a terrace which allows you to marvel at the beauty of the Polish seaside or picturesque sunsets that shimmer with a range of incredible colours. While in the evenings, candlelights and discrete music in the hotel’s garden will soothe your senses.

Our team


Satisfaction of our Guests is our priority, and their opinions provide the best description of our efforts.

“… each employee does its best to make a Guest feel exceptional here…,” “… such employees are a treasure…,” “… the highest level of service…,” “… exceptionally professional and discrete service, which goes hand in hand with friendly approach to Customers…” – these are only few from the numerous opinions we hear every day.

Each of us, when recalling a stay in a hotel, reminiscences experienced emotions, flavours, and the atmosphere, i.e. all the efforts of employees, aimed to make our stay in a hotel exactly as we had imagined. The people create the character and atmosphere of a hotel, and we may proudly say that managing hotels is our passion.

Respect for the nature

From the very beginning of the functioning of the hotel, we have been introducing series of solutions that contribute to the protection of natural environment, including an energy-efficient power management system. We had begun to sort waste long before regulations demanded so, we introduced rationalisation of water consumption and installed energy-saving lighting in the entire facility.

The joy of helping others


We had the honour to make the dreams of a boy from “Mam Marzenie” charity come true, we helped first-graders from the Primary School in Karnica get their school starter kits.

We regularly support a nearby family foster home by organising trips and providing material support. A football team from Rewal received sports shirts.

We also helped Wydawnictwo Artystów Malujących Stopami i Ustami AMUN (Publishing House of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists) by giving Christmas cards with reproductions of paintings made by painters with movement disabilities to our Guests as gifts.