An excellent cuisine is made using one’s heart, therefore, dishes in a restaurant may become a true piece of art on a plate if they are made by professionals who are also cooking enthusiasts.

Excellent, and even astounding combinations and exceptional sense of taste – our Guests use these words to describe the menu of Villa Hoff Restaurant.

Among their favourite dishes are the following: Beetroot soup with ground horseradish, Fish soup based on a fish base flavoured with kaffir leaves, Villa Hoff chopped beef burger, Deer medallions with aromatic pearl barley or BIO chicken with vegetable spaghetti and sweet potato purée.

Chef Jacek Sawinda pays special attention to naturalness and sincerity in the kitchen.

All dishes are prepared from scratch, without semi-finished products or unnatural taste enhancers.

Jacek Sawinda – the new chef of Villa Hoff

Jacek Sawinda previously worked for nearly 15 years for 4 and 5 star SPA hotels. He started his career at the Panorama Hotel in Szczecin, and then worked among others at the Senator hotel in Dźwirzyno, Havet Dźwirzyno or Diva Kołobrzeg hotels.

‘Cuisine is my greatest passion, especially Mediterranean and traditional Polish cuisine,’ says Jacek Sawinda, chef of Villa Hoff Wellness & SPA. ‘Traditional Polish cuisine is an incredible inspiration, but I love to translate it into a new, more modern style, using the innovations that appear on the HoReCa market, and as we know there are many. Besides cooking, my other passion is sport, football in particular. From my earliest years, I am its faithful supporter. I am also interested in tourism, and traveling and visiting various parts of the world allow me to look from a distance at the difficulties that occur in my professional life. It also allows me to catch my breath and give me the strength to keep fighting,’ laughs Sawinda. ‘Traveling is also my inspiration for creating new dishes and flavours, I consider discovering and “experiencing” the local cuisine to be a great pleasure and added value of my trips.’

He gained his skills first in culinary schools in Kamień Pomorski and Kołobrzeg, and then at trainings and workshops, among others with Kurt Scheller. He participated in workshops conducted by the chefs whose restaurants are Michelin starred, among others Torsten Vildgaard from Copenhagen, Sasu Laukkonen from Helsinki and also Kris Basznianin from Copenhagen. ‘It’s a real pleasure and inspiration,’ Mr Sawinda recalls. ‘For example, French cuisine is characterized by a great care for the product, a kitchen full of dishes with sophisticated taste like frog legs, duck confit or crème brûlèe that everyone knows. The location of France allows you to enjoy all the natural goods and regional products, which makes this cuisine so tasty and popular.

‘Working at Villa Hoff Wellness & SPA is a new challenge for me in my long career,’ he says. ‘It’s a great place, appreciated by guests for its service and food. My goal is to satisfy the guests with the meals I serve.’

Jacek Sawinda creates a new a’la carte menu card, introduce typical Wellness dishes to buffet, adjusting them to the nature of the facility, and to prepare seasonal recipes for guests, among others.