Trzęsacz – a charming place on earth

Trzęsacz (Rewal Commune) is constantly and dynamically developing, picturesque touristic city. Its attractive character is determined by high cliff.

Lovers of paragliding set one’s heart to this city – here are perfect conditions for doing this sport.

Another eye-catching place is about 800 meters long site, where sea view is not shaded by any trees nor buildings. This particular view is worth seeing. Quite a number of tourists have already fell in love with this brethtaking sight…

At Klifowa street, there are the ruins of famous church from 15th Century, which rests upon the slope. As long as one hundred years ago, it was possible to see the church in its full magnificence. For today you can view only one wall, the rest of them was taken by the sea. There is a legend, saying that in the future, even this wall is going to fade away. The altar from the church may be seen in Neo-Gothic church at Pałacowa street.

The 15th meridian passes through Trzęsacz city and marks the Central-European time.

Trzęsacz city probably did not exist on 12th Century. The name of the city appeared for the first time in the lateen document, dated on October 29th, 1331. At that time Trzęsacz was a reach village with parish church.

In case you are strongly interested in our city, we would like to encourage you to know the history of Trzęsacz