Original SPA Rituals

Welcome to the world of amber…

The properties of amber have been known for ages. Amber not only enhances natural beauty, but also treats and nourishes the skin. Amber quickens renewal of cells, it is a natural antioxidant, which regenerates and brightens the skin. It also stimulates skin metabolism and visibly improves the state of even the most fatigued complexion. After using cosmetics containing amber, the skin becomes firm, flexible, tensioned, and looks young and fresh.


Treatments using amber provide skin with smoothness, luminosity and visibly rejuvenates it. Women in Scandinavia have been using such amber treatments for a long time now; luckily, they become more and more common here, as not using such a nature’s blessing would be a shame.


Amber is not only an ally in a fight for beauty, above all, it is a natural medicine against numerous health conditions. Most often, it is prepared in a form of amber liquor. It helps against hypertension, rheumatism, reduces stress, improves functioning of gastrointestinal tract and immune system. It is also efficient against fever, influenza, and destroys bacteria and viruses.


Gold of the Baltic Sea

original amber ritual for treatment of

face and body

Amber Youth Explosion – face treatment using preparations containing innovative ingredients, which tightens the skin. It lifts and smooths it for a long time. The treatment regenerates the epidermis, protects cells against oxidants, prevents wrinkles. It also eliminates dryness and roughness of the skin.

Treatment duration: 50 min              Price: PLN 160


Refreshing bath with amber salt – a bath of a pleasantly fresh scent, it treats the skin, improves its condition and ensures healthy appearance. Bath in amber salt immediately refreshes, gives energy and vitality, as well as removes fatigue, ensuring a perfect well-being.

Treatment duration: 15 min              Price: PLN 50


Amber peeling with wrapping – exceptionally refreshing body treatment that uses stimulating power of ambers of cosmetics used during the treatment. Amber extract combined with creatine stimulates renewal at the cells level and smooths the skin.

Treatment duration: 40 min              Price: PLN 130


Amber deLuxe – a profoundly nourishing body treatment, it increases the amount of oxygen in the skin cells. The treatment makes the skin look toned and radiant, as well as protects it against ageing. Moreover, the treatment has a moisturising and relaxing effect.

Treatment duration: 50 min                             Price: PLN 210


Relaxing Amber Massage – a whole-body massage that provides a state of complete relaxation, and heals the body at the same time. Amber has anti-bacteria properties, it improves healing, as well as reduces blood pressure, calms down, and stimulates regeneration of the body. Moreover, it balances energy in the body.

Massage duration: 50 min                 Price: PLN 140


Feet massage with amber ritual

Classic feet massage with acupressure elements using ambers, finished with amber liquor rubbing

Massage duration: 25 min                 Price: PLN 70


Gold of the Baltic Sea

Amber Day SPA

Comprehensive regeneration including the following treatments:


Whole-body amber peeling of smoothing and regenerative effect.

Whole-body amber massage – it provides the state of complete relaxation, and has a regenerative and moisturising effect due to the richness of amber

Aromatic bath – improves circulation in the body and the skin flexibility.

Amber Treatment for the face, neck and the neckline – it uses Argan oil that regenerates epidermis, strengthens cells, prevents wrinkles. It also eliminates dryness and roughness of the skin.

Treatment duration 30 min.

Treatment duration 50 min.

Mady Jet – “dry hydromassage” A relaxing water bed


PLN 330 instead of PLN 420

PLN 380 instead of PLN 500


Day SPA package additionally includes:

  • Sweet snack in SPA Club reception
  • Refreshing fruit-flavoured water in SPA Club reception
  • Unlimited use of the indoor swimming pool
  • Unlimited use of the dry and Finnish sauna
  • Unlimited use of the jacuzzi
  • Access to the relax zone near the swimming pool
  • Bathing wrap and hotel slippers for the time of stay in Villa Hoff
  • Swimming pool towel
  • Access to Lobby Bar
  • Access to Villa Hoff restaurant