The Villa Hoff Statute

The Villa Hoff Statute



  1. Room in the Villa Hoff is being rented on 24 hours basis. The hotel day starts from 15:00 in the day of rent and ends at 11.00 the next day.
  2. In case the Guest will not declare the stay time when renting the room, it will be assumed that the room was rented for one day.
  3. Request for prolongation of stay exceeding declared period must be notified in the Reception Desk till 10:00 of the day which is the end day of rent. In the season the prolongation of stay may be impossible due to arrival of the following Guests.
  4. Villa Hoff shall take the prolongation of stay into account if possible.
  5. Staying in the room longer that till 14:00 shall be deemed as prolongation of stay. In case the Guest stays in the room till 18:00, he will be charged the half rate.


  1. The Guest must not pass on the rented room to third parties, even if the period he paid for has not elapsed yet.
  2. Individuals that had not been registered in the guesthouse may stay in the room between 7:00 and 22:00.
  3. The Villa Hoff may refuse to register the Guest, who ignored hotel regulations during previous stay, doing damage in the property of the Villa Hoff or Guests or causing harm to Guests, employees or other individuals, staying in Villa Hoff in that time or else disturbed peace in the boarding-house.



The Villa Hoff provides services in accordance with its category and standard. In case of any complaints concerning quality of services, the Guest is asked to report them in the Reception immediately, which will allow the staff to give appropriate response.



The Villa Hoff does not hold the responsibility for any loss or damage of money, securities, jewellery, other valuable things and objects or objects having scientific or artistic value left in Villa Hoff.



  1. Keeping silence between 22:00 and 6:00 is obligatory when staying in Villa Hoff.
  2. During night silence, all Guests and individuals taking advantage of services provided by Villa Hoff are obliged to act in a manner, which do not disturb the peace of other Guests.



  1. At all times, when leaving the room, each Guest must check whether doors are properly locked.
  2. For the fire safety, it is forbidden to use warmers, irons and other electric devices, which do not make up the room furnishing and equipment. Aforementioned does not refer to chargers and power packs for RTV devices RTV and computers.



  1. The Guest staying in the Villa Hoff holds full material responsibility for any damage or destruction of objects making up the equipment of the room and any damage of technical devices, that make up the Villa Hoff property, that were caused by him or his guests.
  2. In case of breach of following ordinations, the Villa Hoff may refuse further continuation of providing services to the person, who breached the rules. Such individual is obliged to follow demands of the boarding-house staff without fail, payment in particular, and to leave the premises at once.



Personal goods left by the Guest in the room in the Villa Hoff facility shall be sent back on his cost, at address pointed by him. In case of lack such instructions, the Villa Hoff shall keep these things for three months and after that period it will deliver them for charity or public use.



Smoking is not allowed in Villa Hoff  (including balconies).

 The place designated for smoking is garden at the main entrance to the Villa Hoff.

 In the event of fire detector activation Guest will be charged at the cost of  intervention Fire Department (300 zł).