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VILLOWA SPIŻARNIA preserves are made by Villa Hoff’s cooks, who enrich traditional Polish recipes with additional elements and spices, composing dishes with perfect and unique flavour. The offered dishes are based on locally available and well-tried products. Most of them are prepared from high quality Atlantic salmon delivered from the nearby Jurassic Salmon organic breeding farm.

It has been proven that in order to take care of your health you should introduce fish into your menu — it will strengthen your immune system, your heart, and it will be good for your waistline. Fish are the richest source of EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) — just eat 80-90 g of salmon to supply the body with a daily portion of omega-3 acids. They also contain valuable elements such as iodine, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and vitamins from the B group.

The organic Jurassic Salmon breeding farm is the first in the world to be based on crystal clear geothermal water from the Jurassic era, extracted from the depth of 1225 m b.m.s.l. It helps obtain best quality meat with unique taste and nutritional value. The proximity of the farm guarantees the freshness of the fish, which is particularly important when preparing dishes from unprocessed meat such as tartar, salmon gravlax or fishermen’s salmon.

Villowa Spiżarnia preserves are available at Villa Hoff for breakfast and dinner and in the tasting menu of the Restaurant. For those guests who want to share these incredible flavours with their family and friends, we have prepared a takeaway offer in packaging that guarantees safe storage. Villowa Spiżarnia is also a great idea for an original gift for people who lead a healthy lifestyle or seek new tastes.

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